JR – Exposition Paris 2009 – Ile Saint Louis

JR is huge. Last year the French artist made his mark in Rio de Janeiro. Recently, JR has been putting work up all over South Africa and he’s not stopping. He is a man with a mission, and a crew of faithful volunteers to trek with him to the edge and aid him with his cause. Next time you blink expect to see him getting up somewhere fresh around the globe. This video showcases his recent work in Paris, everything from the production to the destruction of the work and the city’s reaction to the work. This video captures what the ephemeral world of street art is all about. This project is called “Women Are Heros” and all of the photographs are of woman during wartime. Check out JR’s website HERE.


Sten and Lex Go BIG in Roma

Sten and Lex getting up in Rome! This video reveals a bit about their process. Check out more of Sten’s work by clicking HERE!

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WK Interact at Subliminal Projects

WK Interact


Tonight is the opening of “How To Blow Yourself Up” by WK Interact at Subliminal Projects off of sunset.

Really an incredible artist, WK Interact is from France, but has been living in New York for over a decade. I really appreciate his street art that is characterized by an unique sense of motion.

WK Interact Street Art

Street Art by WK INTERACT

“How To Blow Yourself Up” at Subliminal Projects, from Nov. 7th to Dec. 5th, is going to be all installations like the ones pictured below. If your in LA you’ll want to check this show out!

WK Interact at Subliminal Projects

WK Interact Installation at Subliminal Projects