The Site of the Stars Makes Me Dream

Van Gogh quote illustrated by Seb Lester

I know nothing with any certainty, but the site of the stars makes me dream.

A quote by a man who needs no introduction, Vincent Van Gogh.

Magnificently illustrated quote by London based type designer, illustrator, and artist by the name of Seb Lester. Check out his website at He has created typefaces and type illustrations for some of the world’s biggest companies, publications and events, including the likes of Apple, Nike, Intel, The New York Times, The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and J.D. Salinger’s final reissue of The Catcher in the Rye. He is passionate about letterforms.


What Up Gangsters!

The French creative studio, 123Klan releases the first episode in a series titled, What Up Gangstars. If your a fan of the Labron and Kobe puppets in the Nike NBA commercials, you have to watch this! The talented graffiti artist and designers Mrs Klor and Scien showcase their work and their crew by using this gangster puppet to make this video a must see!