Tempt One is “Getting Upper”

Tony Quant aka TEMPT ONE

Tony Quant aka TEMPT ONE at Getting Upper in Pasadena

At the Pasadena Museum of California Art a poster project and museum exhibition is up that examines how communication and typography has been infected by graffiti and street art. Twenty-six graphic designers were each asked to create a silk screened poster that reinterprets a letter of the alphabet in the spirit, but not conventional styles, of graffiti. (more…)


WK Interact Shows Us How They Do It In NYC

WK Interact is one of my favorite street artist, and here he is going big yet again! His distinct style is characterized by graphics that are infused with a sense of motion, a beautifully balanced tension that is created between precisely composed figures and the dispersed chaos of splattered paint that drips down the walls he graces and the powerful contrast created when working in strictly black & white. I am a huge fan of his theme comprised of athletes in motion, not to mention the beautiful air Jordan logo he masterfully crafts with a couple strokes of a brush! He is such an intelligent, successful, and well spoken artist who continues to bring it to the streets, mad props. Check out his site HERE. Keep an eye on WK Interact, he’s not stopping anytime soon.

WK Interact - Street Art NYC

WK Interact Does it Big in NYC