Barry McGee hits Sao Paolo

“Compelling art to me is a name carved into a tree. Sometimes a rock soaring through a plate of glass can be the most beautiful, compelling work of art I have ever seen.” – Barry McGee


Bienal Internacional De Arte De Rua

This video is about the Bienal Internacional De Arte De Rua, a street art gathering in Sao Paulo Brazil.

“Can you imagine a city without a ghetto? Without areas of poverty? That’s where graffiti blooms. A flower that blooms in the midst of garbage. It’s impossible to separate and detach people living in the city from the graffiti.”

“What’s the real sense of art? Is it about being famous and making money? I don’t think so. Actually to me it goes beyond that. It has a wider sense. Which is about the human being overcoming. About ‘us’ trying to be better than we were yesterday.” – Gitahy

“The biggest pleasure is the time that you are there doing it. The sun… The day… The communication in the streets that always takes place… if it rained.. Whatever happened during that time. After that, it’s not yours anymore. I mean you just have, maybe a picture.. or a video. But it’s not yours because… you have given it. That’s what it’s about. It’s about giving yourself out. It’s about giving yourself to the city.” – Samir