Supakitch and Koralie Painting in Sweden

Husband and wife, and French artists Supakitch and Koralie just painted at VÄRLDSKULTUR MUSEET GÖTEBORG in Sweden, and Elroy shot a really well-made video of the process.

Wall painting by Supakitch and Koralie
With the support of POSCA &
Video by elroy :
Music by DLid (quatre rec. / Leonizer) :​dicklaurentisdead

Retna – Downtown LA

Retna crushes murals all over LA. His work is characterized by massive scale, incredibly detailed and cryptic typography, and it is almost always coupled with a figurative piece by his partner in crime MAC. If you ever drive around LA, they are impossible to miss.

Retna lets us peek his downtown LA studio (and coincidentally drives past my studio) and brings us to a recently mural he did with MAC at a church on Skid Row.

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MEAR ONE Gets Down on La Brea!

MEAR ONE goes HUGE on La Brea and 6th, this wall is insane! Mad props to an artist who kills it on so many levels.

The works of MEAR ONE are meant to bring the unseen mysteries locked with in our minds to the foreground as if to take part in a grand expose`. The question of how did we become, and why. To see through the illusion of our decrepit social condition and speak out with art as a weapon of mass liberation.

MEAR sees himself as a messenger as well a spiritual warrior using his imagination as a communication device.

Check out his website HERE!

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Ekundayo Kills It

Ekundayo is an African tribal word meaning “sorrow becomes joy”, and this Hawaii born California based artist has taken his struggles and experiences and translated them to some next level freshness. After experiencing Ekundayo’s show “Never Falling” at LA’s Thinkspace Gallery, I was compelled to share the love.


Pose – RUMBLE!! @ Known Gallery

Opening May 22nd, 2010
8 – 11pm
Show runs May 22nd to June 12th

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Killer show coming to Hollywood’s Known Gallery! Graffiti and fine artist Pose is going to be rocking some rad art, get ready to RUMBLE!!

Bienal Internacional De Arte De Rua

This video is about the Bienal Internacional De Arte De Rua, a street art gathering in Sao Paulo Brazil.

“Can you imagine a city without a ghetto? Without areas of poverty? That’s where graffiti blooms. A flower that blooms in the midst of garbage. It’s impossible to separate and detach people living in the city from the graffiti.”

“What’s the real sense of art? Is it about being famous and making money? I don’t think so. Actually to me it goes beyond that. It has a wider sense. Which is about the human being overcoming. About ‘us’ trying to be better than we were yesterday.” – Gitahy

“The biggest pleasure is the time that you are there doing it. The sun… The day… The communication in the streets that always takes place… if it rained.. Whatever happened during that time. After that, it’s not yours anymore. I mean you just have, maybe a picture.. or a video. But it’s not yours because… you have given it. That’s what it’s about. It’s about giving yourself out. It’s about giving yourself to the city.” – Samir

WK Interact Shows Us How They Do It In NYC

WK Interact is one of my favorite street artist, and here he is going big yet again! His distinct style is characterized by graphics that are infused with a sense of motion, a beautifully balanced tension that is created between precisely composed figures and the dispersed chaos of splattered paint that drips down the walls he graces and the powerful contrast created when working in strictly black & white. I am a huge fan of his theme comprised of athletes in motion, not to mention the beautiful air Jordan logo he masterfully crafts with a couple strokes of a brush! He is such an intelligent, successful, and well spoken artist who continues to bring it to the streets, mad props. Check out his site HERE. Keep an eye on WK Interact, he’s not stopping anytime soon.

WK Interact - Street Art NYC

WK Interact Does it Big in NYC

JR – Exposition Paris 2009 – Ile Saint Louis

JR is huge. Last year the French artist made his mark in Rio de Janeiro. Recently, JR has been putting work up all over South Africa and he’s not stopping. He is a man with a mission, and a crew of faithful volunteers to trek with him to the edge and aid him with his cause. Next time you blink expect to see him getting up somewhere fresh around the globe. This video showcases his recent work in Paris, everything from the production to the destruction of the work and the city’s reaction to the work. This video captures what the ephemeral world of street art is all about. This project is called “Women Are Heros” and all of the photographs are of woman during wartime. Check out JR’s website HERE.

Fleet Foxes Video by Sean Pecknold

Sean Pecknold is a Seattle based artist artist who has created some incredibly poignant videos and animations. The video “White Winter Hymnal” for Fleet Foxes–a sort of time-turning-backwards retrogression via a magical crank — ridiculously epic.

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