Tempt One is “Getting Upper”

Tony Quant aka TEMPT ONE

Tony Quant aka TEMPT ONE at Getting Upper in Pasadena

At the Pasadena Museum of California Art a poster project and museum exhibition is up that examines how communication and typography has been infected by graffiti and street art. Twenty-six graphic designers were each asked to create a silk screened poster that reinterprets a letter of the alphabet in the spirit, but not conventional styles, of graffiti.

There is an incredible story behind the poster representing “T” by Tony Quan known by the moniker of TEMPT ONE. He designed this poster using only the movement of his eyes! Quan is now paralyzed as a complication of Lou Gerhig’s Disease. But in the early 80’s TEMPT ONE crushed the street scene in LA as wildstyle letterforms began to spread from New York City trains to the world through the photos of Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant. He was able to create this work using a software tool called “Eyewriter” that tracks the movement of one’s eyes. His participation in the project really is incredible, and thanks to the innovation of technology Quan is still “getting up”.

There is some incredible work at the Pasadena Museum of California Art right now including Mike Giant’s representation of the letter “G”. Each poster was printed in an edition of 100 that can be purchased at the museum. You can see the whole exhibit at gettingupper.com


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