Krink + Mini Cooper

I love when a company thinks outside of the box in terms of marketing, and Mini Cooper seems to do it over and over again.  The last thing that I expected from Mini was a marketing piece with a Krink, a company that creates paint markers specifically for graffiti.  I am sure that they are hoping to catch the attention of a new and “hip” target demographic that competitor car company Scion has successfully catered towards with their marketing campaigns. Check out this collaboration Scion did with Mike Giant.

Mike Giant Scion

Mike Giant Scion

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Scion has had much success targeting that “hip” demographic for quite some time through their collaborations with artists and their involvement with the creative community. Mini got the message and are doing it too. When, if ever, are American car companies going to catch on?


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